Most of us will spend a third of our lives working… keeping that in mind, that’s a huge chunk of our lives – that’s about 90,000 hours more or less – that we’ll spend at the office or at work. While we’ve spent much of our time working and advancing our careers, oftentimes at the end of that, the next question we ask ourselves is: what now? 

For some, retirement can be an exciting concept – one where there’s no more stress of work or deadlines. For others, it can be apprehensive. The sudden end of a routine you’ve grown to love over the years can seem nerve-wracking at times. 

It’s inevitable and a fact of life that we all just have to live with as life’s always changing. Retirement isn’t something to be anxious about. On the contrary, it should be a time when you can now do all those things you’ve been putting off. Now’s the time to reignite your passions and turn those hobbies into daily routines. 

There are a lot of places to retire in and we’ll take a look at what some places the Durham Region has to offer so that retirees can find the right blend of rest, rejuvenation and excitement.

Take It Easy in the Durham Region

1. Oshawa 

Starting off with Oshawa, which was recently included in Maclean’s list of Canada’s 100 best communities to retire in 2019. It was ranked 46th in the country on that list.

Why do you ask? Well, among other things, Mayor Dan Carter took pride in the city’s senior centres, even calling them “second to none in all of Ontario”. They’re also experienced and highly skilled in the healthcare sector, with a highly respected cancer centre with over 11,000 healthcare professionals supporting them. 

Another important factor that retirees should consider is safety. Oshawa is able to deliver on safety and security. There are a lot of green spaces and parks, contributing to the city’s character while providing safe areas for its residents to enjoy the outdoors. Retirees can also enjoy nature that’s close by or head out to Lake Ontario to relax and simply enjoy life.

2. Whitby 

Just to the west of Oshawa is the Town of Whitby. It’s a popular commuter suburb that’s now a thriving economic hub. Being in the middle of Toronto and Oshawa, Whitby enjoys the convenience of big city living with the more relaxed pace of a small town. 

Its thriving economy ensures there’s an abundance of opportunities to earn – whether it be through employment or entrepreneurship. Despite this, the cost of living remains comparatively lower than that of its neighbours. 

If you’re one of those people who can’t stay still, you’re in the right place. For a small town, Whitby offers a lot to do. The town has a high density for arts, culture, sports and recreation. Explore the heritage of downtown, enjoy the scenic views at the waterfront, visit one of the many museums or just go for a walk on one of the town’s many trails. The adventures never end.

3. Central Ajax

Another great place to retire is Ajax. Once a suburb of Toronto due to its proximity, Ajax’s now one of the fastest-growing areas in the region and is focused on becoming one of the most liveable and ecocentric areas in the Greater Toronto Area.

Its close access to nature, with over 70 km of hiking trails and 90 km of bike trails ensures that its retirees always have new areas to explore and new sights to behold. Supplementing the town’s nature, is its many interesting attractions, such as the Ajax Downs, St. Francis Centre for the arts, as well as four golf courses.

Ajax’s a relatively affordable town to live in. Home prices fall on an average of $623,598, which is about 6% lower than the national average, while the cost of living is about 11% lower than the Ontario average. 

If safety is a major concern, you’ll be happy to know that Ajax’s under the watch of one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the GTA – The Durham Regional Police. The result? The crime rate here is about 15% lower than in Ontario and 38% lower than the national average

4. Pickering Beach

Situated along the shores of Lake Ontario, Pickering Beach used to be part of the Township of Pickering. This is an older neighbourhood, but it doesn’t feel like one with its custom homes and cottage style vibes. There’s a lot of greenery and open areas with spacious lot sizes in this part of town. 

The Waterfront Trail wraps the neighbourhood’s outer edge, giving easy access for walks, exercise or just to enjoy the surroundings. If you’re suited to a more laid back lifestyle, Paradise Park may just be for you. It’s a great spot to enjoy a picnic or to just lounge and relax. It also has sports facilities that cater to more active groups. Its versatility makes it an excellent area for all ages. 

5. Uxbridge

Probably the most quaint area on this list, Uxbridge is located about 65 km northeast of Toronto, on the northern slope of the Oak Ridges Moraine. It’s approximately an hour’s drive from Toronto and is also accessible via GO Transit.

It’s nicknamed the “Trail Capital of Canada” for a reason. There are 220 km of managed trails that take you through changing landscapes and historic villages. The trails cater to hikers of all experience levels and are perfect for outdoor junkies. There are easier trails for our older adventurers.

Uxbridge is steeped in culture and heritage that retirees may find interesting. You can take part in the Historical Walking Tour and check out 37 different sites around town. Also, since it’s a small town, Uxbridge’s highly walkable, making it perfect for blending exercise with some sightseeing. 

Retire in Style

Depending on the person and individual circumstances, retiring can be an anxious or exciting phase of life. But like with any new journey, retirement can be a lot more enjoyable in an environment that’s conducive to growth. 

Oshawa, Whitby, Central Ajax, Pickering Beach and Uxbridge – these places in the Durham Region are all great areas for retirees. With lots to offer and whichever place you choose from this list, know that you’ll be in for an exciting journey ahead. 

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