The Durham Region’s a geographical region in Ontario located east of Toronto, in what’s known as the Golden Horseshoe area. It’s composed of 8 smaller municipalities that include Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering and Ajax among others. 

It’s a great place for families to live in and businesses to thrive, with the region having a healthy mix of rural, residential and commercial land. Furthermore, the entire southern part of the region sits along the northern shore of Lake Ontario, which offers not only stunning views, but also a host of recreational activities.

So, if you’re considering a move, read on to find out why the Durham Region should be considered.

Why Should I Settle in Durham Region?

1. Close proximity to the Toronto

The Durham Region combines the convenience of working in a big metropolis with the small-town charm of a suburban area. Its proximity to Toronto ensures that workers are close enough to their jobs while maintaining enough distance from the busy city life. 

Commuting to and from the Greater Toronto Area’s made more convenient by way of an extensive transport system that includes highways and the GO Transit that link the GTA to the rest of the region. 

2. Natural environment

Nature lovers, rejoice… discover Durham on foot while being surrounded by nature. From exhilarating trails to picturesque landscapes, it’s all here. There are over 350 km of trails – varying in difficulties that wind through the region, giving its adventurers unforgettable experiences. There’s an interactive trails map and a Durham Trails Guide that can help you with navigating. 

Aside from the trails, the Durham Region’s situated along the shores of Lake Ontario and also contains a number of smaller lakes, rivers and tributaries. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the lakes and rivers they have to offer while taking in the region from a different point of view. 

Animal lovers can enjoy the different petting zoos, ranches and farms in the region. These attractions are spread over the region and should be accessible to anyone regardless of which municipality you’re in. One of the more popular zoos you can visit is the Oshawa Zoo.

3. Lots of Recreational Options

Durham offers a plethora of recreational activities for everyone. One of the most popular places in the region’s the Frenchman’s Bay East Beach in Pickering. Strong winds in the area make it a great spot for windsurfing and kite boarding. However, if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can just relax and take it easy with a swim in Lake Ontario or accompany the kids while they enjoy themselves in the splash pads. 

In the winter, the region’s landscapes transform into exciting snow sports facilities. One of the oldest ski areas in the region is Brimacombe, which has been serving skiers for over 80 years. Other ski resorts worth checking out are Dagmar Ski Resort and Lakeridge Ski Resort.

4. Art, Culture & History

If art, culture and history are more your style, there’s lots to be found in the region.

Take a trip down Canada’s automotive heritage by paying a visit to the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa. Established in 1962, it began as a community project of the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce as a way to promote automotive heritage and boost tourism. Now, it’s one of the must-sees in Oshawa.

In line with automotive heritage, the Parkwood National Historic Site’s also another must when visiting the region. It was once the home of R.S. McLaughlin, founder of General Motors of Canada and is also a popular spot for filming.

If you’d like to learn more about the oldest house in the Durham Region, then a visit to the Lynde House Museum’s in order. Completed around 1811, it was built with Georgian style architecture. Originally situated on a 200-acre farm in Dundas Street, it has since been moved twice and is now at its final address at the corner of Brock and Burns Streets in Whitby.

5. Quality of Life

There’s more to settling into a place than just the attractions and activities it has to offer. A lot of it has to do with the intangibles. The different municipalities that make up the Durham Region aren’t what you’d necessarily describe as large, metropolitan areas. Although there might be a few, you’ll get more small-town vibes within the region that unconsciously activates a sense of community with its residents. 

Settling in, you won’t find it as difficult to make friends and feel that you’re a part of the neighbourhood. The people are a lot warmer, friendlier and more welcoming. Life’s pace is slower here and the noise of its bigger neighbour, Toronto, fades into the soft slapping of the waves on the shores of Lake Ontario.

On another note, the cost of living’s lower here and real estate prices are more affordable than in metro Toronto. Finding a local agent can greatly help you settle in the right neighbourhood. It’s just another great reason for you to call this region home.

Make the Durham Move

With all its charm and appeal, it’s easy to forget that the Durham Region’s just about an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto and the Pearson International Airport. 

This accessibility makes the region a hugely viable place to consider when contemplating a possible move in the near future.

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