Spring’s widely considered by many to be the best time for sellers to list their property. It’s easy to see why… Spring boasts great weather throughout the season, milder and more comfortable than the summer or winter. Spring break’s also a great time for families with young children to move, with the break serving as a mini reset and there’s still time remaining in the school year for them to make some new friends.

Aligning your move with spring cleaning is also a clever bonus. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to purge those items that you never use and most likely forgot even existed.

Buyers who’ve waited out the winter will also be more likely to scramble as soon as spring hits. Many are honed in on getting a home before the summer, which provides you with a great opportunity to showcase your house.

In this piece, we’ll explore 5 things you can do if you’re planning on selling your house this spring.

5 Spring House Selling Tips

1. Clean your house

The winter season can take a toll on your house. Extreme temperatures mean you’re less likely to be outside conducting any maintenance on the property. Aside from the occasional clearing out of the driveway and walkways of snow and ice, nothing much tends to get done.

That’s why as soon as spring rolls around, it’s time to clean up and give the property some much needed love and attention to both the exterior and interior.


Since most of the winter’s spent cooped up indoors, the exterior is a great place to start with your spring cleaning. Your driveway might need some attention after a few months of weathering the elements; snow, salt and ice.

Power washing it along with your walls, roof and windows will help to give the house a happy glow. Clean up miscellaneous debris that wasn’t visible during the winter. Any branches, twigs, rocks and the odd pieces of trash here and there.

If doors and windows need a bit of touching up, a fresh coat of paint can help give the property a refreshed look.


Declutter your home to free up some space. If you’ve got some items you don’t need or aren’t important, consider disposing of them or keeping them in storage.

Give your home a deep clean. If you’ve accumulated any clutter over the holidays, now’s the time to get rid of it. Sweep and mop all floors, clean your light and plumbing fixtures.

Go over low traffic areas such as the basement (if primarily used for storage) and give it a good cleaning as well. These areas can be hotspots for rats and pests seeking warmth during the winter.

If you’re a bit short on time or tire easily, you may want to consider cleaning services to lend a helping hand.

Making the house feel fresh will put you in better spirits and get you ready for the selling season to come.

2. Inspect your house for winter damage

Giving your house a thorough cleaning’s also a great way to inspect for winter damages. Extreme cold can cause damage that won’t easily be noticed while everything’s snow-laden, so spring’s a good time to start.

A few areas that might be susceptible to damage are:

a. Roof

Your roof is the most important part of your home as it protects it and you from the elements. Check to make sure there are no leaks and cracks brought about by the cold.

b. Walls

Another important component to check are your walls. Check to see if your drywalls were able to fend off the moisture and cold effectively.

c. AC/Heating system

Your HVAC system surely had to work hard during the winter. Run your AC and check to ensure that it’s still running properly and at optimal levels.

3. Stage right

Once you’ve taken care of the functionality of the property, you’ll also want to spruce it up a bit to entice potential buyers. Easy on the decor though… don’t overdo it. Keep to general trends with a more neutral feel.

a. De-personalize the home

Buyer won’t care about your accolades and collections, so don’t attempt to have them on display. Keep the home neutral, so your guests can feel and imagine themselves living in the space.

b. Use colours to accentuate the space

Accentuate different spaces with colours. For example, you can have an accent wall in the living room and a patterned design in the office or study.

c. Set moods with light

There are a variety of light types and colours that’ll bring out the character of a property. Play around with lighting and shadows to help set the mood and feel of the place. Light fixtures can also be showcase pieces that can dazzle buyers and get them talking.

4. If the price is right

Spring’s a very competitive time to sell your property. Therefore, making sure that you’re listing at a great price is vital to your success.

With competition high, be prepared to face a lot of resistance from buyers especially when it comes to your selling price.

In order to mitigate this, we recommend you to:

a. Conduct a market analysis with the help of a professional real estate agent or broker. An experienced realtor will be well equipped to guide you when it comes to setting the right price for your house.

b. List earlier than the rest in order to be ahead of the competition. While this’ll potentially generate a bit more interest, it’s also a good way to lessen the competition among fellow sellers. Here, timing is really key… not too early nor too late.

  • Sell to an iBuyer

If you’re finding yourself too overwhelmed with preparing your property to be sold and you’d like to just have the property sold quickly without the hassles, there’s a remedy for that.

Introducing iBuyers. iBuyers typically offer a cash payment based on market data and other tools. If you agree with their offer, the deal can close in just a few days. When dealing with iBuyers, be assured that it’s a guaranteed deal.

This trend has been gaining traction due to its quickness, efficiency and the fact that the property can be sold ‘as is’.

Get Selling

The spring market is the busiest season in the real estate calendar, full of challenges and competition. However, with the right mindset, approach and support, we’re sure you’re going to have a successful selling journey.

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