Spring brings blooming flowers, budding trees and a long list of home improvement chores that have accumulated over the winter. With spring fast approaching, many homeowners will start their yearly home inspections in order to assess how the home fared throughout the winter. 

This is a great time to catch up on DIY projects and even give your home a new or updated look and to start tackling home improvement projects. Warmer temperatures reinvigorate and motivate homeowners to get up and give their homes fresh makeovers. To help you get started,  we’ll look at 6 ways you can spice up your space and turn your house into your dream home.

Spice Up and Transform Your House into Your Dream Home

Sprucing up your house doesn’t always have to be expensive. On the contrary, there are some practical ways to approach home improvement that shouldn’t make too much of a dent in your wallet. Though, keep in mind that you might inevitably find yourself needing to complete more extensive and expensive repairs and renovations. 

1. Try different colours 

A fresh coat of paint can instantly refresh any item or space. Especially with the proliferation of environmentally friendly paints, homeowners can update old-looking rooms or furniture even throughout the winter season. 

If you’re on the fence about changing the whole room’s colour, an accent wall can add to the feel and aesthetics of the space. For more of a pop, use unexpected colours that’ll catch anyone’s attention.

If an accent wall isn’t your thing, painted patterns can also add a splash of personality and boldness to a room. It should be noted that different colours can evoke different feelings. For a more relaxed environment, neutral, earth tones are a good choice. 

2. Re-furnish your home 

Worn-out furniture and decor can also make your home feel old and outdated. Re-furnishing a room can address this issue and help inject new life into the space. Something as simple as rearranging your furniture can change the way a room feels while an alternative to purchasing new furniture would be to reupholster or refurbish existing pieces. 

There’s always the option to get new furniture which will usually cost you more, but furniture can impact your comfort and your efficiency. The idea is to buy furniture that fits, supports and enhances the way you live. Here are some quick suggestions to keep in mind before making any purchases:

  • Determine your needs
  • Measure everything before buying
  • Keep an eye out for good deals
  • Pick items that maximize storage space
  • Pick items that are easy to maintain
  • Find your style

3. Play around with light 

Aside from creating different moods with paint colours, you can also use lighting to help set the atmosphere. Sometimes, just changing the type of bulb, fixture or even the brightness can instantly change a room’s aura from boring to interesting.

The type of light used can also be a great way to add character to any type of room. For example, track lighting can be used to highlight specific areas and items to give more of a museum or art gallery feel. On the other hand, desk lamps and floor lamps can provide a lot more flexibility.

RGB and smart lighting is also becoming more popular among gamers as their choice of setup. These variable lights can also be utilized all over the home to help set different tones and moods.

Lighting’s not only a functional tool, increasing visibility throughout the home, but also doubles as a great aesthetic tool that lets you customize the look and feel with minimal cost.

4. Update your counters and floors 

Moving on from the cheaper DIY methods of updating your home, the following 3 areas where you might find yourself spending a little bit more financially, starting with your counters and floors.

With the floors being the largest surface in your home, you’re going to want to make sure you get things right the first time to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and expenses. There are different types of flooring available on the market ranging from vinyl flooring to ceramic tiles, hardwood floors and engineered wooden floors. Each has its own pros and cons and will depend entirely on your personal tastes and budget. You can check out other types of flooring here.

Additionally, choosing the right countertop can add a touch of elegance and grandeur to your bathroom or kitchen while providing you with a durable work area that can make food prep an enjoyable experience. There are myriad of options to choose from, but here are a few of them.

Any significant changes to these areas in your home can immediately be felt and can potentially give your home’s value a boost. Enhancements to your countertops and floors are a good investment since countertops and flooring take a beating every day while setting the design tone for the entire home. 

We recommend updating your counters or floors only if:

  • You have room in the budget
  • They’re badly damaged
  • Carpets need to be replaced, especially if you have pets
  • It’s value addition will be worth the expense

5. Consider a loft conversion 

In big cities where space is limited, loft conversions can be done to add value and functionality to your home. 

Also referred to as attic conversion, this type of home renovation adds usability to your attic. There are many avenues to take when talking about converting an attic into a loft-style space and each use case will depend on the homeowner and your lifestyle. Home offices have recently seen a rise in demand and this type of loft conversion has been gaining traction.

While conversions can add functionality, keep in mind that they also take away what used to be extra storage space. So, when planning, consider alternative storage options too.

6. Don’t forget the outside

The last item on our list isn’t by any means the least. While we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because you may miss out on a good story, your home’s exterior is responsible for establishing a great first impression. Here’s how.

Update your driveway. Make sure your driveway’s in good condition by giving it a new topcoat and filling in cracks and smoothing rough edges. 

Update the roof. Changing weather can be hard on your roof. Algae growth is a common occurrence on shingled roofs and can cause irreparable damage if not attended to. If your budget allows, try a different material for your roofs such as tiles, slate or even metal. 

Patch up your walls. Over the years, your walls can take on some damage. Cracks may begin to show and concrete may even fall out in spots. Patching up your exterior walls will give them new life and add to your home’s appeal.

Practice Practicality

We know that buying your dream home might be a little more difficult to achieve for some. This is why slowly updating your home with practical projects that don’t cost an arm and a leg can ultimately add up towards transforming your existing house into your dream home.

We hope the tips mentioned above will help you with your home conversion projects and address some apprehensions you may’ve about turning your house into your dream home.

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