Beaches and tropical getaways usually come to mind when thinking of summer destinations. That’s understandable, given the summer heat. However, there’s a lot more to summer than just swimming.

Take, for example, the Durham Region. Located in Golden Horseshoe, east of Toronto, the region has a good balance of rural, residential and commercial land, thereby offering a variety of employment opportunities. This place is also home to a wealth of tourist attractions.

Let’s take a closer look at 8 things you can do in the Durham Region during the summer.

8 Must Dos in Durham Region During the Summer

1. Stroll around the Nautical Village 

Situated along the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Nautical Village is best explored on foot. The area’s home to many shops and cafes. 

You can enjoy the scenery of boats, sail or take a dip on the beach. If you have a boat, dock at Frenchman’s Bay Marina for a quick breather. Millennium Square’s also a good stopover, where you can enjoy outdoor performances.

2. Visit the Robert McLaughlin Gallery 

Home to over 4,500 modern and contemporary pieces of Canadian art, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery is the largest public art gallery in the region. 

You can get a good look at works from the renowned group Painters Eleven. This group helped introduce abstract painting as a mainstream form of art in Canada during the 1950s.

Need another reason to go? Admission is free.

3. Eco Adventure at Treetop

About 45 minutes away from downtown Toronto, you can find the Treetop Eco-Adventure Park. There, you can choose from a variety of suspended activities such as ziplines and ropes. That’s why the park captures a lot of attention.

As for the kids, they can enjoy nature in their own fun and adventurous way! On average, completing the adult course takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, while the kid’s course takes about 1.5 hours

4. Ride a Tank! 

At the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum, you can ride a tank as a memorable experience! Currently operating in a reconnaissance and peacekeeping role, the Ontario Regiment was active during two world wars. In December of 1936 it was designated as a tank battalion, providing support to allies. 

For $20 to $50, the museum is the only place in Canada where civilians can experience riding in a battle tank. This’ll definitely be a unique activity for the family!

5. Check out Thomas Foster Memorial 

Sometimes referred to as the Taj Mahal of Ontario, the Thomas Foster Memorial is a symbol of one man’s love for his wife and daughter. Thomas Foster served as a mayor of Toronto from 1925 to 1927. The memorial he commissioned reflects his colourful personality with equally colourful mosaics. The building regularly holds concerts and fellowships that everyone’ll enjoy. 

6. Shop Your Heart Out!

If you’re into shopping, then you’re in luck! Check out the Annual Sidewalk Sale at Bowmanville’s Historic Downtown. The place features local business owners who sell their wares on the streets. 

Aside from shopping and dining sprees, there are also other activities that you can participate in. 

7. Experience Firearms Canada 

Firearms Experience Canada offers a more specialized activity, where you can channel your inner marksman and experience what it’s like to be in the army. You’ll get the chance to fire a variety of high quality weapons in a safe and controlled environment.

This is perfect for all the thrillseekers out there. The good thing is that you don’t need any prior experience at all! If you decide to pursue this activity, formal training sessions are also offered!

8. Go to the Beach!

A stereotypical summer wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach. While water quality may not always be as comparable versus those in tropical areas, local beaches provide more than enough activities to warrant a visit

Places such as Lakeview Park Beach in Oshawa, Beaverton Beach, Whitby Beach, or Frenchman’s Bay East & West Beaches, will surely keep you and the family occupied. 

Invest in Durham Region

With a booming economy and a vibrant community, the Durham Region’s not only a great place to visit, but a wonderful place to call home.

Whether it’s for end-use or for investment, buying a home in the Durham Region’s a wise move. Forecasts show that Durham’s population is expected to grow to 1.2 million people by 2041. Moreover, the region offers some of the most affordable housing in the GTA.

Visit Durham Region Today

The Durham Region may not be easily recognizable as compared to regions. However, with its unique setting and the variety of activities that the Durham Region offers, it’ll just be a matter of time before everyone becomes aware of what the Durham Region has to offer.