When we talk about job opportunities, big cities usually come to mind – cities that have any and every type of job. In Ontario, Toronto’s at the top of the list. However, there’s a region just a short drive from Toronto that also offers employment opportunities for job seekers and that’s the Durham Region.

The region’s composed of 8 municipalities, each with its own charm, opportunities to offer and is a great supplement to what Toronto has to offer. Durham also allows workers to enjoy a less stressful and rushed environment while earning their keep.

Continue reading on to explore some of the go-to areas in the Durham Region to find great job opportunities and build a thriving career.

Working in Durham Region

1. Oshawa 

Located east of Toronto, the City of Oshawa‘s the largest municipality in the Durham Region and is still rapidly growing. It was ranked 34th in Maclean’s Best Communities in Canada in 2021. 

Because Oshawa has convenient access to more than 120 million Canadian consumers, businesses find it convenient to settle here. In fact, the Canadian headquarters of General Motors is located in Oshawa, resulting in it being dubbed the Automotive Capital of Canada. Although the plant shut down in 2018, it has since reopened and is now producing Canadian-made Silverado pickup trucks.

Oshawa’s continued growth in the retail and business sectors, as well as tourism, has turned it into an Education and Health Sciences Hub in the region. Its downtown area has also been designated as an Urban Growth Centre

Job seekers can find a multitude of opportunities spread across different sectors with healthcare, retail trade, and educational services being the largest ones. Furthermore, the city has a welcoming community that has a bright future ahead and many things to offer for those who choose to live and work there.

2. Whitby

Just like Oshawa, Whitby’s is also located to the east of Toronto in the Golden Horseshoe region

It’s a multicultural community that’s rapidly growing with Asians making up the majority of the immigrant population. The population’s forecasted to grow from 137,000 to approximately 193,000 by 2031. 

Although many residents still work in the Toronto area, Whitby does hold its own in the job market with advanced manufacturing, clean technology, ICT, logistics, and technical services serving as its key industries. There are a lot of companies that call Whitby home and some of its top employers include the likes of Bell Packaging, Gerdau, Makita, North American Steel, and ThermoFisher Scientific.

Similar to Oshawa, Whitby has convenient access to major markets via its extensive public transportation system and infrastructure such as its GO Train services as well as interconnected highways for inter-city travel. Business travel’s also convenient, with Pearson International Airport being just about 45 minutes away.

Residents enjoy a superior quality of life that includes access to the waterfront, 2 downtown areas, an entertainment hub, and a plethora of things to do and take part in. Parks and trails cater to the outdoorsy types while a rich arts and culture environment satisfies the needs of the aficionados. The town ranked 55th in Maclean’s Top 100 Communities in Canada in 2019, further supporting its bid as a viable option to live and work.

3. Ajax 

Ajax’s located just to the west of Whitby, the town is named after the HMS Ajax, a Royal Navy cruiser that served during World War II. It’s the closest community to Toronto on this list, just about 25 km away. 

It’s a progressive, diverse and vibrant waterfront community that has one of the fastest-growing populations in the eastern GTA. The multicultural theme‘s also strong in the town of Ajax, with over 65 languages spoken here, making it one of the most diverse in the region. Its diversity also allows Ajax to be a very inclusive community committed to ensuring a sense of belonging as a Sanctuary City and PRIDE partner. 

The town has many industries that cater to many different types of job seekers. Key industries include manufacturing, business, IT services, healthcare, tourism, and logistics. Businesses of all scales can also be found here with some of the biggest employers being Volkswagen Canada, Ontario Power Generation, Lear Canada, and Lakeridge Health.

Ajax also offers efficient transport and logistics, a major factor, especially for business owners wanting to set up shop here. It’s accessible via land, air, and sea with the closest airport and seaport being just a few minutes away in Oshawa.

4. Uxbridge

The last but definitely not the least location on our list is the Township of Uxbridge. Also known as the “Trail Capital of Canada”, Uxbridge’s a suburban community located in the northern Durham Region, just about an hour outside of Toronto. 

The town’s accessible to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area via public transportation options such as GO Transit and GO Trains. It has a growing population that’s expected to reach the 25,000 mark by 2026, with its largest demographic falling in the 45-55 age range.

There are about 1,900 businesses located here, with Pine Valley Packaging, Koch-Glitsch Canada, and Hela Canada being some of the major employers. Additionally, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, IT, construction, finance, insurance, and real estate make up the key sectors. Business owners and job seekers alike have opportunities within the town, as the average annual income sits at about $110,000, making this a vibrant consumer market.

Its workforce is highly educated and skilled. While the majority live and work locally, the town’s also able to attract workers from the surrounding GTA.

Its extensive trail network, sites, and attractions combined with the small-town vibe provide a great natural environment for everyone to relax and rejuvenate after a long day’s work. 

Keep Your Options Open

While this list only covers some of the areas in the region, there are still a lot more locations that can be great options for all types of job seekers. After all, despite everything we’ve listed here, the suitability of the area will ultimately come down to your individual preferences and needs.

So, keep an eye out for your next job location. We’re sure the Durham Region can offer some great opportunities.

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