The Township of Uxbridge’s a quaint regional municipality of the Durham Region located in south-central Ontario. It’s composed of the smaller settlements of Altona, Coppin’s Corners, Forsythe Glenn, Glasgow, Glen Major, Goodwood, Leaskdale, Quaker Village, Roseville, Sanford, Siloam, Udora and Zephyr. 

It’s a mostly suburban community of approximately 22,346 (as of 2021) that has produced some notable names such as Hayden Christensen, Christopher Chapman, Bryan Marchment and Jessica Phoenix to name a few. 

Uxbridge’s also known as the “Trail Capital of Canada” for its over 300 km of trails that wind through the region. 

If you’re debating a move to Uxbridge, continue reading to learn more about settling down in this picturesque town.

Settling Down in Uxbridge

Enlist the help of a local realtor

If you aren’t from the area, it’d probably be a good idea to get in touch with a local realtor who can help you find a home

Being locals themselves, they’re sure to be knowledgeable about the area and can recommend places based on your search criteria. 

Aside from being able to check the local listings, their access to resources and networks outside of the MLS can also be helpful with turning something up for you and your loved ones.

In terms of real estate, Uxbridge ranks 8th most expensive in the Greater Toronto Area, with a median property value of $1.3 million, something to keep in mind in your search

Movers are your best friends

Moving requires a lot of coordination and logistical planning. If you’ve got the time, the tools and equipment for the move, then you’re prepared to go at this on your own. 

However, as is the case with many moves, you’re either too busy at work to oversee the move or you lack the resources and resort to borrowing inadequate gear and enlisting the help of family and friends. 

You may consider hiring a moving company as they are well experienced and also have the required tools to provide for an easy transition. 

Check local listings for job opportunities

Uxbridge may be a quaint region, but has a lot to offer its residents in terms of job opportunities. It’s home to a skilled workforce and a vibrant consumer market where the average household income is more than $110,000 annually. 

These are the key business sectors in town where you can check for opportunities:

  • Agriculture
  • Professional Services
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • IT
  • Construction
  • Finance, insurance and real estate

Don’t forget about school

In any move, education’s a top priority, especially for young families. Ensuring that the new home has adequate educational institutions can make or break your decision. 

Since Uxbridge’s located within the Durham Region, its schools are supervised and regulated by the Durham District School Board (DDSB). To date, there are 134 learning centres that they operate, with over 74,000 regular students and even more enrolled in special courses. 

As restrictions ease and with face-to-face learning making a come back, here are some schools you can look into before making the move:

Scout the neighbourhood

Getting to know a neighbourhood before making a decision to move there’s always a good idea. It’ll give you a better understanding of the place, how the locals are, what areas see the most activity, etc. 

Visit the region a few times as a couple or on your own to scope it. In succeeding visits, you can try bringing the kids along to judge their reactions towards the new location. Visit some of the local restaurants, shops, talk to locals and just get to know the neighbours and why they chose to live there. 

Visiting will also give you an idea of the traffic and transportation in town. You’ll see what times the roads are busiest and you’ll be able to plan your move in such a way that lets you bypass heavy traffic zones and get an idea of what your daily commute would look like. 

Be a part of the community

One of the fastest ways to integrate yourself into your new environment is to be a part of the community. This can be easily achieved by participating in these different activities:

  • Volunteer locally
  • Visit the local market and make friends with the vendors
  • Keep an eye out for local blogs
  • Join local clubs or groups

Furthermore, check your area for an event calendar and attend some local events that you might be interested in. The most important thing in trying to assimilate: don’t be a stranger.

Enjoy the town

Once you’ve moved and you’re settled into your new home, start exploring the town. Uxbridge isn’t known as the Trail Capital for nothing. Exploring on foot will allow you to get really close to the vibe of the town and take in its character from more than just the confines of your vehicle. 

Are you into skiing or snowboarding? Skiing’s a mainstream winter activity that the whole family can enjoy. Visit Dagmar Ski Resort and Lakeridge Ski Resort during the winter, as the rolling hills turn into ski slopes. 

If culture and historic sites are more your thing, you can visit the Thomas Foster Memorial or take a ride on one of the historic trains at the York-Durham Heritage Railway.

No matter what activities you may enjoy, actively exploring is a great way to get to know the area. 

Choose Uxbridge

Although Uxbridge may be a quaint region, it isn’t lacking in terms of activities, opportunities and the warmth of the community. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, this is a great place to consider for the future. 

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